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Adaptive Forgetting Curves for Spaced Repetition Language Learning

Ahmed Zaidi, Andrew Caines, Russell Moore, Paula Buttery and Andrew Rice

AIED 2020

Accurate Modelling of Language Learning Tasks and Students Using Representations of Grammatical Proficiency

Ahmed Zaidi, Andrew Caines, Christopher Davis, Russell Moore, Paula Buttery and Andrew Rice

EDM 2019

Skills Embeddings: a Neural Approach to Multicomponent Representations of Students and Tasks 

Russell Moore, Andrew Caines, Mark Elliott, Ahmed Zaidi, Andrew Rice and Paula Buttery
EDM 2019

Forecasting Weekly Crude Oil Using Twitter Sentiment of US Foreign Policy and Oil Companies Data

Mourad Oussalah and Ahmed Zaidi
IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI) 2018

Curriculum Q-Learning for Visual Vocabulary Acquisition

Ahmed Zaidi, Russell Moore, Ted Briscoe
NIPS 2017, Workshop Visually-Grounded Interaction and Language

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